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Our Factory

Who we are


Founded in 1989, CAMBIUMEX INC. is a secondary processing manufacturer and wholesaler of Canadian Hardwoods. The name of the company was chosen to reflect our values with a combination of two terms : CAMBIUM & EX.


CAMBIUM is the living tissue that creates the wood on one side and the bark on the other, representing that CAMBIUMEX is a link between the forest and our customers, allowing one to be more accessible to the other.


EX is for export which is the primary focus of the company’s growth and expansion


One of the important activities at CAMBIUMEX is to size the rough hardwood lumber to the thickness, the width and the lengths that are required by the customer.


CAMBIUMEX has its own processing facilities (factory, warehouse & shipping/receiving yard) located in Mont St-Hilaire, 20 miles east of Montreal with close proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway.


The founder, Mr. Louis Laneville, Forestry Engineer, manages the company on a day to day basis with a ‘’hands on’’ approche to business. The production staff is well experienced and has perfect knowledge of Canadian Hardwood species.